INELSO provides all kinds of technical support for smart grid and city applications with its high measurement and recording capacity devices.

Network Monitoring (SCADA) Applications

INELSO offers SCADA solutions for the purpose of providing mutual electronic communication between the supplier and the consumer by adding smart meters and monitoring systems to the electricity networks. In fact, the systems not only the meter, INELSO produces new applications and innovative solutions to make the entire network from production to the consumer can be monitored and controlled remotely.

Thanks to the energy monitoring and management systems offered by Inelso, which has become a necessity today; All switching equipment, protection relays and energy analyzers installed in MV and LV distribution centers can be monitored instantly from SCADA systems and values can be recorded.

OMS/DMS Projects and Integration with Systems

Distribution companies are responsible for providing quality and continuous energy to their users. In this point, Inelso aim to ensure continuity of supply by prioritizing the use of integrated smart grid applications. Inelso carries the systems of distribution companies and industrial facilities to a more innovative and modern with its SCADA / DMS and OMS projects.
In the face of increasing demand with the solutions offered by INELSO, aiming to make the electricity distribution network more reliable and durable, to control the supply-demand balance better, to provide savings, to facilitate the inclusion of renewable energy resources into the network, to reduce distribution costs, equipped with information systems and communication networks. Inelso aims to communicate, monitor and manage all network assets from the point where the energy is produced to the consumer.

Master Plan Solutions

Inelso takes into account the present and future expectations for both the technical and economic performance of the electricity grid with the Master Plan Solutions. Considering that the estimated technical life of the network elements is in the order of several decades and the replacement and extension of the network takes several years, INELSO creates a long-term plan for the electrical network structure.
Basically, the aim of the laws and regulations made is to provide the user with high quality, uninterrupted and cheap electricity. A distribution company should make MV and LV master plans in order to ensure that the electricity reaches the user with the above criteria. However, due to the fact that the distribution companies do not make a master plan or the master plans are thrown away before they can be implemented, investments are made many times in a region at different times, but the needs of the region are not completely finished. In this point, INELSO offers correct and applicable master plan solutions to distribution companies in order to provide the needs of the region and contribute to the development of the region.

Power Quality Solutions

With the widespread use of computers and other sensitive devices in our professional and private lives, it is increasingly important to recognize and troubleshoot power quality problems. Poor quality power doesn't only damages your equipment but also causes a reduction in uptime, which reduces efficiency and greatly increases energy costs. Because of this, Inelso offers power quality solutions in order to get optimum performance from the devices.