Analysis, project and R&D studies are carried out by our expert staff, especially in Electrical Engineering applications that require experience and specialization. Projects are prepared to solve energy quality problems, especially at transmission and distribution lines. In addition to the projects carried out for newly established facilities, renewal and modernization studies are also carried out for old facilities which continues their activities.

Application of New Technologies to the TURKEY Distribution System

Energy losses occur in transmission and distribution lines due to the resistance of the conductor. Energy quality is as important as losses in electrical energy transfers. Technologically sensitive devices need quality, safe and sustainable energy. Inelso monitors the distribution system in real time and tries to eliminate the negativities in the system with necessary interventions.

Inelso is an important solution at fast and reliable network infrastructure which is required for charging stations for electric vehicles, integrating renewable energy sources into the grid and enabling consumers to generate their own electricity.

Solutions and Applications for Problems Occuring in Electricity Distribution System

INELSO offers solution methods as a result of analyzing and evaluating the data collected through the quality measurement system used in the distribution system. INELSO aims to identify and resolve the type of malfunction in the system by developing software and algorithm.

Solutions for Network Protection

The developments in the electricity industry have also increased the interest in new generation technologies in recent years. Smart grid technology has rapidly developed as a new concept that can be evaluated within this scope. Some problems has been encountered in the integration of renewable energy sources, which can also be named as distributed generation facilities, lead to the development of new solution techniques. Some advantages and disadvantages have also occured with the spread of distributed generation facilities. INELSO provides increasing power quality, ensuring energy continuity, reliability, clean energy resources and grid protection. INELSO provides solutions to problems that must be solved such as relay coordination, variation of short circuit currents, diffuculties in frequency and fault location detection.

Energy Quality Solutions

Inelso aims to use energy effectively and efficiently, to reach a sustainable energy system that preserves the balance of the ecosystem and supports economic development, and to give the importance to renewable energy sources.
Energy saving is to use energy efficiently and not to waste without any reduction in production, comfort and workforce. Inelso ensures that the energy is used wisely, the losses are minimized, and more work is done with the same energy.

Occupational Health and Safety Solutions

Inelso aims to reduce occupational accidents by simulating occupational accidents and this simulating can be used for the training of employees for occupational health and safety. At the same time, INELSO aims to contribute to its customers such as creating a healthy and safe working environment for employers and employees.