The energy services industry is undergoing a major transformation with the advent of smart sensors, smart meters and IoT-based technologies. This transformation forces organizations and business processes to renew.

Our data analytics service offerings ensure the seamless integration of corporate data, creating real-time decision-making processes and increasing operational efficiency and lowering costs.

Large facilities such as shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, distribution centers may face unique challenges in managing and monitoring their own overall energy expenditures as well as private use and expenses associated with individual tenants. Managers often find that precise energy management is difficult due to the general lack of organized space and asset-level measurement data and common problems with different energy management policies and unmanaged systems.

Inelso allows businesses to save costs and increase operating efficiency. Inelso is uniquely positioned to provide an integrated energy management solution for facilities by defining and collecting usage information and monitoring consumption at energy point.

While Inelso helps you learn about field operations, it also maintains customer comfort and savings opportunities.


Developed for Smart Grids and Smart Buildings, INFlex Smart Devices are developed in full compliance with Inavitas, the "Innovative Energy Management" software.

Usage Areas

  • Industrial Facilities
  • Distribution Systems
  • Commercial Complex Buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • IT Centers
  • Distributed Generation Systems
  • Rail Transport Systems
  • Hotels and Office Buildings
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The product family "Inavitas", developed for "decision makers" at all levels, ensures that all processes for investment, operation and maintenance-repair are monitored and analyzed, and the right decisions are made on time, from the generation of electrical energy to the final consumption point.

  • It generates information using your big data.
  • Combines many data sources on one platform.
  • Increases system performance and efficiency.
  • It allows you to make the right decisions in time.
  • It meets your many different needs through a single system.
  • Allows you to access your device data anytime and anywhere.
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Earth Fault Current Neutralization

The Earth Fault Neutralizer developed by Swedish Neutral defines new criteria for neutral regeneration and earth fault protection in medium and high voltage networks. For the first time, safe arc extinguishing is also possible in case of cable faults. It also meets critical conditions for full layout compensation of fault current, personal safety and minimization of flame at fire starts. The fault can be held at almost zero current and voltage until the fault zone is found. Also, the feed can be operated without limiting any user's power.