FLA3.1 is used as a short circuit indicator device in overhead lines. The indicator can be mounted with the help of an adapter and a hot rod while the mains is active. The display has six flashing LEDs for dark times of the day and three red displays for a clearer view during bright times. FLA3.1 can communicate with the remote control over a bidirectional wireless link. In this way, all settings of the indicator can always be adjusted without removing the indicator from the power line.

FLA3.1 stands out due to its flexible and precise adjustment feature. The indicator can be adapted to automatic on-offs in the network in addition to basic settings such as trip current, response delay, reset time. This enables an optimal fault indication and at the same time allows the indication of different fault types. Permanent and temporary faults can be distinguished and displayed separately. Due to the bidirectional link between the remote control and the short circuit indicator, the current values of the monitored network can be read at any time.

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