TOSHIBA Voltage Regulator

The load changes in the electrical systems over the years cause voltage imbalances (voltage increase or decrease) in the energy supply system. This case damages the power quality. Reorganizing the overhead lines made so far to solve this problem is not economically feasible. In addition, methods such as the following are used to correct the voltage value;

  • Increasing the step value of power transformers in step-down centers,
  • Making the power factor correction by means of capacitor banks,
  • Establishing new substations.

The Medium Voltage Mono-Faze Voltage Regulator has proven to be the best cost / benefit solution to power quality problems caused by voltage imbalances all over the world. This solution can be easily used in step-down substations, private or operational substations with its flexible installation convenience. Making the voltage regulation from MV (medium voltage) to MV (medium voltage) provides both cost and ease of use compared to other solutions.

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