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INELSO Innovative Electrical Solutions Solutions Solutions

INELSO Energy provides planning, analysis, technical support and consultancy services in all stages of industry, renewable energy, electricity generation, transmission and distribution.

INELSO serves product and technology supply for energy systems in cooperation with domestic and foreign companies which have brand value and reliability.

Business Operations


Analysis, Project and R&D

Analysis, project and R&D studies are carried out by our expert staff, especially in Electrical Engineering applications that require experience and specialization.


Smart Grids and Cities

INELSO provides all kinds of technical supports to studies on smart grid and cities applications with its high measurement and recording capacity devices.


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy studies are given importance to use the most up-to-date and scientific information.


Energy Management

INELSO offers a major transformation in the energy industry for controlling and managing energy costs.

Effective Solutions in Electrical Energy!

INELSO offers solutions to manage your energy and reduce your energy costs in the most convenient way for you

  • Check your efficiency
  • Live a comfortable life with Solar Energy
  • Create self-powered businesses
  • Always obtain full capacity production
  • Control your Energy costs