Renewable energy studies are given importance to use the most up-to-date and scientific information.

Residential Roof Solutions

With the residential roof solutions offered by INELSO, you can meet some or all of your energy with the electricity which you generate from the roof of your home. Depending on the solution you choose, you can even store your surplus electricity generated for later use. In this way, you can enjoy 100% green and free energy without being affected by power outages. If you wish, you can earn additional income by selling your surplus electricity to the grid without storing it. All legal processes are taken care of by INELSO with the system installation. All you have to do is enjoy the clean energy from the sun.
Our residential roof systems are compatible with all roof types. You can start generating your energy from the sun immediately with ready-made packages for your home. You can contact us for detailed information.

Industrial Roof Solutions

With Inelso's turnkey solution for industrial and commercial roofs, you can start saving by making the most efficient use of the roof of your business. Inelso manages all legal and technical processes for you and puts the system you need in order to save at the highest level. Our system design is made with the aim of reducing your unit electricity price to the lowest possible level by making the most efficient use of the roof. In this point, the combination of first-class products from the world's leading suppliers and engineering expertise are taken into account.
In addition, the integrated smart consumption monitoring system we have developed works in full harmony with the installed solar energy system of your existing facility. This system provides additional savings in your consumption apart from the electricity generated from the sun.

Operating and Maintenance

Are you sure that your Solar Power System is generating as much energy as possible? What about your operating maintenance costs in your system? Choose the most suitable package offered by Inelso for your solar power plants, reduce your maintenance costs and prevent performance loss due to failure, design or installation.
Moreover, if you choose the fully comprehensive package, Inelso will undertake the production guarantee of your power plant, thus ensuring your income.


Do you want to live, farm or engage in other commercial activities where access to electricity is not possible or economical? As Inelso, we design and install the most suitable system for you according to your needs.

Whenever you want, you can see your remaining energy amount, the total and instantaneous energy amount produced and consumed in detail from your mobile devices or your computer. Also, you can receive the necessary warnings to optimize your consumption by our smart system. You can contact us for discovery and detailed information.